Featured Services

iSystems provides all or part of the services for engineering, procurement, construction and project management.

We offer third-party engineering and consultancy based on our specific skills and experience, for anything ranging from simple low-pressure gas distribution stations to upstream/production, loading terminal, border metering or other custody transfer metering systems, if required combined with high-end industrial control systems and HMI packages. Contractors, manufacturers and oil or gas producing companies can use our knowledge of metering and control systems to design specific solutions for their applications, or to assess their existing installations.


iSystems provides a wide range of engineering services within the oil & gas metering and control field of expertise, including;

      - Proposals
      - Technical and Feasibility studies
      - Basic and Detailed engineering packages
      - Front-end Engineering Design
      - Customer support in various stages of project implementation
      - HAZOP studies
      - EPC management
      - Field assistance during commissioning
      - Assessment and upgrading of existing facilities



Proposals and Studies

Proposals, Technical and Feasibility studies empower clients to make informed decisions on technical and economical aspects of upcoming projects.

Our technical proposals and feasibility studies include a general overview of available technologies with comparative evaluation, preliminary technical information, utility and energy consumption, sized equipment lists, preliminary plot area requirements, and an economic evaluation and estimated investment and running cost. Studies can be provided for a single case or as a comparative analysis based on different options, locations and capacities.

During a proposal or feasibility study, iSystems work closely with the client every step of the way to ensure that goals are met. Site visits prior to the start of engineering work as well as presentations and supporting activities can be provided.

If a revamp case is evaluated, the engineering documentation includes information related to the reuse of existing equipment, lists of additional required equipment, and comparative data related to the performance of the original and revamped installations.


Engineering Packages

Our basic and detailed engineering packages are designed so that all important information can efficiently be transferred to customers or fabricators.

The information is structured so that an experienced EPC contractor can easily execute the works. Engineering packages are built on company know-how, thoughtful analysis and research, internal databases, and monitoring of operational technologies. Our engineering packages can include detailed process flow diagrams and P&ID's, equipment specifications and datasheets, process control descriptions, material lists, and construction drawings, depending on the level of detail required by the customer.

Field Services

iSystems provides field services for the metering systems supplied and/or engineered by us.

We can arrange for site supervision during site construction, assistance for pre-commissioning and commissioning, site acceptance testing, and maintenance.