Engineered Systems

Custody Transfer Metering

iSystems specialize in Custody Transfer metering systems and ancilliaries for oil and natural gas in both upstream and downstream applications, using various flow measurement techniques.

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Pressure Control Stations

Pressure control stations, in some cases complemented by filtering and preheating systems are essential for gas delivery to small and large consumers of natural gas and industrial gases.

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Packaged Analyzer Systems

We provide pre-assembled gas analysis systems, either self-contained or designed to complement our custody transfer metering systems, offering customers everything they need in a single package.

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HSE Policy

iSystems is committed to safeguarding human health and safety and conserving the environment.

This commitment is achieved by ensuring that HSE aspects are included in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities, and by complying with all applicable HSE laws and regulations or applying responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist. Hazards and risks are identified and assessed to reduce risk to levels as low as practiceable, energy and natural resources are used efficiently and waste and emissions are minimized. All levels of management, employees and contractor's personnel are expected to participate in and comply with HSE initiatives and exercise individual responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others and the protection of the environment.

Quality Assurance

iSystems has a Quality Assurance System to make sure that our products are up to the highest quality standards.

Quality is guaranteed by checks and tests at various levels of design and manufacturing, and by keeping precise project records. We are committed to living up to the customer's expectations, and working in accordance with the ruling international standards and codes.

iSystems is ISO 9001:2008 Certified by DEKRA. Download a PDF copy of our ISO certificate here.

Innovative Designs

Building skids to precise specifications using the highest quality components sometimes isn't enough. Space constraints, extreme process conditions, specific operation and maintenance requirements or other factors often call for designs that are different from standard, straightforward metering runs.

But we are at our best when presented with a challenge...