Engineered Systems

Custody Transfer Metering

iSystems specialize in Custody Transfer metering systems and ancilliaries for oil and natural gas in both upstream and downstream applications, using various flow measurement techniques.

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Pressure Control Stations

Pressure control stations, in some cases complemented by filtering and preheating systems are essential for gas delivery to small and large consumers of natural gas and industrial gases.

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Packaged Analyzer Systems

We provide pre-assembled gas analysis systems, either self-contained or designed to complement our custody transfer metering systems, offering customers everything they need in a single package.

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Pressure Control Stations

Natural gas is usually highly pressurized as it travels through transport pipelines.

But once it reaches the consumers, it needs to be brought up to the contractual specifications for delivery. This often means that solids and liquids have to be filtered out, the pressure has to be reduced, and the gas may need to be preheated to counteract the cooling effect of the pressure reduction. And last but not least, the downstream consumers have to be protected from being exposed to the full transport pipeline pressure.

iSystems designs and supplies complete city gate systems, fuel gas stations for heavy industry, refineries and power plants, incorporating pressure and flow control, and complete with all ancilliaries such as slug catchers, KO drums, filtering systems, gas preheating systems, and station ESD and safety systems.


In many cases, we combine such installations with sales gas or custody transfer metering systems, packaged analyzer systems for gas quality monitoring, and station control systems.


Innovative Designs

Building skids to precise specifications using the highest quality components sometimes isn't enough. Space constraints, extreme process conditions, specific operation and maintenance requirements or other factors often call for designs that are different from standard, straightforward metering runs.

But we are at our best when presented with a challenge...