Engineered Systems

Custody Transfer Metering

iSystems specialize in Custody Transfer metering systems and ancilliaries for oil and natural gas in both upstream and downstream applications, using various flow measurement techniques.

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Pressure Control Stations

Pressure control stations, in some cases complemented by filtering and preheating systems are essential for gas delivery to small and large consumers of natural gas and industrial gases.

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Packaged Analyzer Systems

We provide pre-assembled gas analysis systems, either self-contained or designed to complement our custody transfer metering systems, offering customers everything they need in a single package.

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Custody Transfer Metering

Sales or Custody Transfer Metering forms the basis of contractual arrangements between sellers and buyers, producers and transport pipeline owners, governments of neighbouring countries. It affects everyone's bottom line.

The Custody Transfer Metering system at the delivery point where oil or gas is changing hands forms the basis for invoicing. Every cubic meter of product has to be accurately measured, its delivery conditions (such as pressure, temperature, contaminants and energy content) closely monitored and recorded..

Metering systems in the oil & gas industry have rapidly evolved in terms of sophistication, accuracy and reliability. In order to achieve such accuracy and reliability, countless factors have to be taken into account when designing a metering system, requiring multi-disciplinary specialists with experience in implementing such systems

iSystems specialize in the design of Custody Transfer Metering systems for oil, natural gas and industrial gases (e.g. nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, oxygen etc. that needs to be delivered to plants in large quantities) using various flow measurement techniques available on the market today.

We have experience in designing systems with ultrasonic, turbine, positive displacement, coriolis, orifice, or vortex meters, if required combined with compact provers or loop provers in the case of liquids measurement. We can deliver flow metering systems for upstream and downstream applications, onshore or offshore, metering stations for pipelines, power plants or heavy industry, refineries, ship loading and unloading etc, complete with flow computer supervisory/HMI systems and PLC or DCS based control systems. Metering packages can be supplied complete with integrated Packaged Analyzer Systems.

Computer & Control Systems

Flow computers, Supervisory/HMI systems and metering system automation form an integral part of our Metering Solutions.

Custody Transfer Metering systems are generally supplied complete with microprocessor-based flow computers which form the actual "cash register" of the metering system. iSystems has experience with the most widely used brands and latest technologies.

In today's world, all but the simplest systems require at least some degree of electronic logic control and monitoring. We design, build, test and install Station Control Systems, usually as an integral part of a turnkey metering system but also as separate systems to complement existing installations.

These systems can be limited to simple control operations performed by the station flow computers, but they may also include extensive PLC or DCS-based process control and PC-based Supervisory and HMI systems for station control, monitoring, automation of verification and calibration, and communication with Plant Control Systems.

Such systems are designed in-house by iSystems, in close partnership with specialist companies supplying tailor-made software to suit the customer's specific application.

Innovative Designs

Building skids to precise specifications using the highest quality components sometimes isn't enough. Space constraints, extreme process conditions, specific operation and maintenance requirements or other factors often call for designs that are different from standard, straightforward metering runs.

But we are at our best when presented with a challenge...