Engineered Systems

Custody Transfer Metering

iSystems specialize in Custody Transfer metering systems and ancilliaries for oil and natural gas in both upstream and downstream applications, using various flow measurement techniques.

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Pressure Control Stations

Pressure control stations, in some cases complemented by filtering and preheating systems are essential for gas delivery to small and large consumers of natural gas and industrial gases.

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Packaged Analyzer Systems

We provide pre-assembled gas analysis systems, either self-contained or designed to complement our custody transfer metering systems, offering customers everything they need in a single package.

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Packaged Analyzer Systems

Our pre-assembled analyzer systems will provide our customers with everything they need in a single package.

Whether it be for gas production, custody transfer metering, or gas delivery to a major consumer; the quality of natural gas is usually an important factor in gas sales contracts, and therefore it needs to be closely and accurately monitored.

We supply gas analyzer systems ranging from a single gas chromatograph to fully developed analysis systems that may include moisture analysis, dewpoint measurement, H2S and sulphur content analysis, O2 content, specific gracity or density measurement, and so on.

iSystems can supply analyzer packages including sample takeoff and conditioning, completely assembled, in prefabricated analyzer buildings with explosion-proof HVAC, fire and gas detection and extinguishing systems, ready for installation on site with only a minimum of field connections to be made


Innovative Designs

Building skids to precise specifications using the highest quality components sometimes isn't enough. Space constraints, extreme process conditions, specific operation and maintenance requirements or other factors often call for designs that are different from standard, straightforward metering runs.

But we are at our best when presented with a challenge...